Saturday, May 17, 2014


InfernoMotorSports is proud to announce BILSTEIN SHOCKS as a new sponsor - on board for two races.

Thank you for your support!  

Monday, May 5, 2014


Saturday's Bandolero race had Ethan starting inside Row 3.  He wrecked going into Turn 1 on the opening lap, breaking the spindle on the front suspension and finishing last, with only 1/4 of one lap completed. Our night was over.
Racing again in two weeks, with Modifieds and Bandoleros both racing.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Another weekend of racing for Ethan, with him debuting his new car on Saturday.
Friday night racing saw Ethan start and finish 4th out of 9 cars.  He had a great night drafting in the strong winds that blew through the Vegas valley this weekend.  
The new ride was just a little "off" on Saturday since we did not get to test the day before, like we wanted to. The decision was made to just go ahead and race the new car, working out any bugs and/or handling issues on race day. We have to say we are pretty happy with the car, and Ethan's own ability to overcome some handling issues.  After starting 8th, and running the third fastest lap times of the night, Ethan just could not make a move to pass when the entire field of cars were so close in lap times.

BANDOLERO BANDITS FEATURE RESULTS:  1. Austin Snyder; 2. Kyle Keller; 3. Dezel West; 4. Mason Sargent; 5. Gino Marretti; 6. R.J. Smotherman; 7. Gianna Marretti; 8. Ethan DeGuevara; 9. Tye O'Hanley

Monday, April 14, 2014


Nothing quite topped this smile, this past week, when Ethan laid eyes on the new Bandolero that his dad has been working on so diligently. One happy, appreciative boy makes all that hard work worthwhile.

Ethan raced Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday this past weekend (no racing for Joe).  He posted a 6th place finish on Friday; a 7th on Saturday; and a 5th on Sunday, after three cars were disqualified for running illegally, and had engine parts removed.  These same cars have been winning for the last three weekends.
IAPMO/Silver Star Plumbing/ Bandolero Bandits Feature RESULTS:  1. Mason Sargent; 2. Kyle Keller; 3. Gino Marretti; 4. Dezel West; 5. Gianni Marretti; 6. R. J. Smotherman; 7. Austin Snyder; 8. Ethan DeGuevara; 9. Tye O'Hanley; 10: Brody Warren; 11. Tommy Trickle.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Ethan's new Bandolero - just finished and fresh from graphics detailing by our sponsor, CSM GRAPHICS.  A few details are needed still, but Dad/Joe's working hard to have it ready.
The old (backup car), and the new, for 2014.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

RACING RESULTS: 4/04 - 4/06/2014

Ethan, and his Sudden Impact/CSM Graphics Bando, posted another great weekend of racing.  Well into his first full season driving, Friday night he finished 6th out of 12 again, with another smooth, consistent run.  He had an outstanding night Saturday, and now leads the Rookie Points Standings thru this weekend.  He is learning to search around the track for new racing lines, and finding out what his Bandolero needs to go faster.

After starting 6th in a field of 9 cars on Saturday night Ethan used his head, running high and low until he found what made his car drive the best.  He then drove up to 6th but could not complete the pass prior to the checkered flag.  We could not have been prouder of a 9-year-old using his head, searching for speed and learning all the time.  Way to go, Ethan!

Joe, driving the Sudden Impact/Whal Traction/CSM Graphics/Horn Industries Modified, was 2/10 faster than the field of 12 cars on Friday and Saturday until the left front shock broke during qualifying Saturday, slowing the car by 4/10, for 3rd fastest time.  Wahl Traction replaced the shocks and we were fast again.

With the invert of 4 cars, Joe started outside Row 1.  On the start of the race the Pole sitter was too fast entering the corner and went up the track with no place for Joe to go but to follow him up, allowing 3rd and 4th to pass on the bottom.  Joe dropped behind the Pole Sitter for 4th, until the yellow came out.

On the restart, Joe beat the inside car off Turn 2 and took off, chasing down the leaders.  He had caught the leaders when another yellow flew.  Restarting, this time on Row 2 (3rd) - when they went green, the Pole Sitter missed a shift and Joe drove down into Turn 1, taking the lead and racing side by side with 2nd for 2 laps.  At that point, the 3rd place car caught us and drove into the back of Joe’s car, crashing both Joe & 2nd place, and damaging our car.  Unable to continue, his next race is on the Modified Tour in Blythe, CA.


12-lap IAPMO/Silver Star Plumbing/ Bandolero Bandits Feature - 1. Mason Sargent; 2. Dezel West; 3. Kyle Keller; 4. Tye O’Hanley; 5. R.J. Smotherman; 6. Austin Snyder; 7. Ethan DeGuevara; 8. Gianna Marretti; 9. Brody Warren.


40-lap Modified Feature - 1. Jason Irwin; 2. Kyle Cline; 3. Doug Hamm; 4. Scott Osborne; 5. Pat Petrie; 6. Jerry Toporek; 7. Hayden Smith; 8. Marty Deluca; 9. Tom Pfundstein; 10. Joe DeGuevara; 11. Steve Durbin; 12. Jim Rogel.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Racing season is in full swing once again, and we look forward to updating the blog on a more timely basis this year, keeping everyone "in the loop"...
The weekend of 3/28 found Ethan racing his Sudden Impact Auto Body/CSM Graphics Bando on Friday evening, where he finished 7th out of 12.  Saturday he finished 6th out of 12 cars - we continue to be so proud of our "Up and Comer"!

Joe and Ethan both raced this past weekend (4/04), with Joe driving his InfernoMotorSports/Sudden Impact/Horn Industrial/Wahl Traction/CSM Graphics Modified, and Ethan back behind the wheel of his Bando.  This was Week 2 for Ethan, and Opening Race 1 Weekend for Joe.  Stay tuned for results...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Last Race of 2013

The InfernoMotorsports team showed up ready to
race the final event of 2013.
The InfernoMotorsorts,WahlTraction, Sudden Impact
Auto Body modified started 13th in the 28 car field
for last nights race. ( with 49 cars entered)
On lap 4 of the 75 lap race Joe was hit from behind
in a chain reaction accident bringing out the caution
flag,  That sent  Joe to the end of the field for bringing
out the caution when  he could not get the car moving
again, while facing backwards on the track.
The Modified was  badly damaged on the  driver side
and front end.
Joe got the car fired and headed to Tim, Cody and
Zach in the pits for body repairs, (great job guys).
The car was back  on the track not  losing any laps.
Joe put on a driving clinic on the back half of the field
passing cars left and right, Charlie Wahl  did a GREAT
job spotting for Joe keeping him out of  trouble.
Thanks for the Horespower Provided  by Dennis
and Curta Schlarbaum.
By half way thru the event Joe was back  in ther top 10.
Thanks to Sonny Wahl ( )
his brother Charlie Wahl they had the car on a rail.
Joe drove his heart out by lap 60 of 75 Joe was in the top
6 and with 5 laps to go Joe was 4th, with 3 to
go Joe was on the back bumper of 3rd place, they went
down the  back stretch, Joe got along side the 3rd place
car and drove the car into turn 3 passing for a 3rd place
Once again... thanks to everone who hepled.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

New updated sponsor side bar

Check out the new updated side bar on
our website at

Support our sponsors that support our racing !

Sunday, November 10, 2013

2014 Modified Sponsorship

InfernoMotorsports heads into the last race of 2013
this weekend at the  bullring in Las Vegas.
Joe will be driving the Horn Industrial Services,
Sudden Impact, Wahl traction Modified next Saturday
night. (11-26-13)
The InfernoMotorspors Team will focus on winning
the last race of the year and  finding sponsorship
and funding for the entire 2014 Modified touring
The Lucas oil modified series is a televised series
(MAV TV) that races in 4 western  states.
InfernoMotorsports is making a commitment to
race the entire race schedule that provides television
exposure to any potential sponsor. We also
provide driver and owner marketing commitment,
and promotional commitment.

For more information on the Lucas oil modified series

Contact me regarding sponsorship:

Chuck Deguevara
702-296-1870 cell
or e-mail at